Frequently Asked Questions

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What is UniJoinMixer service?

Unijoinmixer is a mixing service that enables cryptocurrency holders/users to afford complete anonymity. No one can trace the connection between your old and new wallets.

How do I use Unijoinmixer?

1. Choose the desired currency you wish to mix. 2. Enter the destination address to receive the clean coins. Competent Advice: Use more addresses for more anonymity 3. Set the percentage fee Wise Advice: The higher the fee, the more anonymous you are. 4. Set the delay duration Competent Advice: The longer the delay duration, the more anonymous the transaction. 5. Send the coins to the generated address. 6. Receive clean coins

What is a UniCode?

A UniCode is a unique hash that is generated with your first mixing operation. This link is crucial because only with this can we ensure that a person never receives his ever-owned cryptocurrencies. Additionally, this link allows you to benefit from our Smart Loyalty Program. The more you mix with this link, the bigger the fee discounts. Just make sure to enter your Smart Code before every Mixing Operation.

How many Confirmations are needed?

The transaction will be approved after only three confirmations on the blockchain.

How anonymous am I when using UniJoinMixer?

UniJoinMixer affords you complete anonymity. The platform does not permanently keep logs or user information, such as deposit and withdrawal addresses. Instead, this information resides in the servers only for as long as is technically necessary to complete a transaction. All status pages are deleted alongside the transaction logs within 24 hours after a mixing operation. Alternatively, the user can delete this information soon after a transaction.

What other possibilities do I have with UniJoinMixer?

In addition to cleansing coins, you can use UniJoinMixer to send funds anonymously. For example, if you want to buy a product online and need to input personal data, like name, address, and so on, UniJoinMixer makes it impossible for third parties to connect your ID with the address you are sending the funds from.

How can you avoid a return of the same coins when no data is saved?

As mentioned, we do not save data in our database, such as deposit and withdrawal addresses or transactions. Such information is only used as long as it is technically necessary to complete a transaction and is automatically deleted after. To ensure that our users do not receive the exact coins they have mixed earlier, UniJoinMixer uses a One-Way-Encryption process with hashing operations. Different parameters will be utilized to calculate the hashes. The result of the one-way encryption algorithm will be assigned to the intelligent code and cannot be deduced from our deposit address. Therefore, the smart code should be entered before each mixing operation. Additionally, we assign our users one of several pools for each transaction. So, whenever the user has been given a specific Pool for a transaction, they will receive withdrawals only from other pools of the same category managed internally in our system. Thus, we guarantee the highest security in just two steps and without loss of anonymity. Our users have not received the exact coins mixed before with our service.

Can I contact you?

Ensure you attach the Letter of Guarantee so we can process the ticket faster. We answer within 24 hours. If you have any problem, feel free to contact our support department.

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